Google Introduces Document AI (DocAI) Platform For Automated Document Processing

Document processing has always been a tedious and hectic task for most businesses. Reading, analyzing, and then categorizing the data takes a lot of time and work. With AI being the new reality and automation taking over many tasks, document processing has also been made easy. Google Cloud introduced Document AI (DocAI) platform, a unified console for document processing which can automatically classify, extract, and enrich data within your documents to unlock insights. Many businesses that manually extract and categorize data from complex documents can benefit from Google DocAI. Transforming documents into structured data increases decision-making speed and unlocks measurable business value to improve customer experiences.

The DocAI platform enables a user to make the data more accurate and easy to interpret by converting the unstructured data into structured data. It automates and validates all the documents to streamline compliance workflows and keep it as precise as possible. It also provides insights to help meet customer expectations and improves CSAT, advocacy, lifetime value, and spend. It allows access to all parsers, tools, and solutions with a unified API. Thus, it enables an end-to-end document solution and allows effortless creation and customization of document processing workflows. It also provides ease in data extraction as it does not require any additional training or data mapping. Google claims that its platform helped its customers cut the cost by 60 % and increase the accuracy by 250% in document processing. 

The DocAI platform works in the following steps:

The first step is to create a document processor using a general processor like Form Parser or a specialized processor like W9 Parser.×2000.jpg

After that, you can upload your document directly in the console, as shown.×1900.jpg

DocAI can also be used with an invoice for procurement document processing, as shown in the example.×1800.jpg

The team is working on adding additional capabilities to DocAI to make it even more helpful and reliable. DocAI is a beneficial and easy to use tool for businesses dealing with problems in document processing.



Consultant Intern: Currently in her third year of B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Goa. She is an ML enthusiast and has a keen interest in Data Science. She is a very good learner and tries to be well versed with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

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