Google Introduces New Version Of Google Analytics Powered By Machine Learning

Google comes up with a refresh of Google Analytics (i.e., Google Analytics 4) with new machine learning prediction features, including extra privacy controls and a streamlined interface. 

Google Analytics is used to track website activities, such as the source of the traffic, the number of people visiting the site, session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, etc. of the individuals using a particular site.

What can the new version do?

  • It can automatically notify marketing teams about important events, like a sudden jump in sales of a particular product.
  • It can generate a number of “predictive” metrics. For example, it can predict the potential revenue a company could earn from a particular customer group in the future if it improves engagement.
  • Marketers can access the data regarding the channels through which their company is acquiring the most users, and also the customers who are likely to spend more than others. They can find this information in the new “user acquisition” dashboard.
  • It has an improved data deletion tool for when users ask a company to stop retaining their activity information. It thus improves security and privacy issues.
  • It also provides new codeless event tracking. This feature reduces the amount of Google tracking code done by the companies to track user actions such as video views.
  • The update seeks to address data fragmentation. When a user interacts with multiple platforms to interact with a company, for example, if a person sees an ad on desktop and purchases the product from a mobile app, it isn’t easy to keep a track. Here the collection of data is fragmented into parts. 

It employs marketer-provided user identifiers and signals from Google itself to match data recorded across different platforms to users. Thus, it also provides higher-quality information to support online ad campaigns. Hence, Google Analytics 4 is expected to develop better, more user-friendly information and solutions for businesses.


Shilpi is a Contributor to She is currently pursuing her third year of B.Tech in computer science and engineering from IIT Bhubaneswar. She has a keen interest in exploring latest technologies. She likes to write about different domains and learn about their real life applications.

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