SpaceSense Raises 1 Million Euros To Use Satellite Imagery with AI for Agriculture

SpaceSense, a startup that uses AI to get insights from satellite images, recently raised one million euros in seed funding round. The budding startup will use these funds to develop its Artificial Intelligence Platform further and expand its team.

SpaceSense’s platform uses AI to use insights from satellite images to predict agriculturally beneficial information. It deploys AI models specifically designed to extract advanced insights from satellite images. The platform’s ambition is to be used in several industries but will concentrate on agriculture at first. Farmers face many challenges these days in determining soil quality, weather conditions, etc. Despite the advances in technologies, it is difficult for it to be cost-effective, accessible, and helpful simultaneously. SpaceSense’s platform is both accurate and cost-saving. The platform offers the users to customize their models for very diverse uses like yield prediction, soil humidity detection, crop health monitoring, etc., making it very beneficial for different crops.

Satellite image data is very complex, and its mix with AI makes its analysis extremely difficult and delicate. According to Jyotsna Budideti, co-founder and CEO of SpaceSense, the platform’s long-term goal is to reduce the complexity and the cost of using satellite data for this technology, to make it into a tool that is cheap and accessible for all. They want to position themselves as a provider of ready to use satellite insights for sustainable development of various sectors.

Space is a fascinating domain with great potential, and the idea of combining it with Artificial Intelligence is a challenging one. Both of them have immense potential, and their fusion might be a revolutionary step for the benefit and development of many sectors today.


Consultant Intern: Currently in her third year of B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Goa. She is an ML enthusiast and has a keen interest in Data Science. She is a very good learner and tries to be well versed with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

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