Granulate Launches New Software To Enhance Efficiency Of Data Center Infrastructure Using AI

Granulate launched a real-time optimization solution for the computer servers enabling the companies to get higher output and better performance from their data center infrastructure at much lower costs.

The company says it’s trying to tackle the problem of “IT infrastructure under-utilization” and aims to deliver more sustainable performance and scale for their customers. As per the Granulate co-founder and Chief Executive Asaf Ezra, the architecture complexity is increasing, and the production environments are always changing. The company aims to relieve businesses of their performance challenges and slash computing costs while simultaneously improving service quality.

Granulate’s AI-based software works by studying data flow and applying specific resource usage patterns to identify any contended resources, prioritization opportunities, and bottlenecks. Using this data, the agents tailor operating system level scheduling and prioritize decisions based on the cache and network access, central processing unit resource usage, to improve the efficiency of all the applications that run on the server. Users can reduce their cluster sizes and gain economic benefits by downsizing each machine with improved performance.

Each of Granulate’s agents performs automated optimizations and is self-contained. The company is running with more than 40,000 instances. According to the company, the solution scales seamlessly, and its software agents can increase the server performance with a 40% reduction in time response and reduce up to 60% computing costs. They are thus enabling each machine to handle more workloads and five times greater throughput. Granulate’s agents being infrastructure agnostic, can be installed via a single command line, without any code changes. You can run them on any Linux server at any scale because Granulate established relationships with cloud service providers, including Microsoft Corp., Amazon Web Services Inc., Red Hat Inc., and VMware Inc.

The early adopters of the company’s agents include the mobile ad attribution platform provider AppsFlyer Inc. and the log analytics provider Coralogix Ltd., which have both achieved a 30% reduction in cost with significant gains in the application performance with their data center infrastructure.


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