Oracle Open-Sources Tribuo, A Machine Learning Library in Java

Oracle open-sources Tribuo to fill the gap for enterprise applications focused on machine learning in Java. Committed to deploying machine learning models to large-scale production systems, Oracle has released Tribuo under an Apache 2.0 license. 

What does Tribuo provide under machine learning? 

  • Tools for building and deploying classification
  • Tools for clustering and regression models 
  • Unified interface for many popular third-party machine learning libraries
  • A full suite of evaluations for each of the supported prediction tasks
  • Data loading pipelines, text processing pipelines, and feature level transformations for operating on data
  • In addition to its implementations of Machine Learning algorithms, Tribuo also provides a common interface to popular ML tools on the JVM.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Tribuo Model knows when you’ve given it features it has never seen before, which is particularly useful when working with natural language processing.

Oracle looks forward to forming a community of developers for expanding the architecture beyond windows, macOS, and Linux. 



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