Meet ‘IdeasAI’: a GPT-3-powered business idea generator

While GPT-3 is the largest language model trained today, it is also exploring its application in almost every field. OpenAI now provides a developer API to interact with GPT-3 and build applications on top of it. Once set correctly, GPT-3 can perform mathematical calculations, generate answers in programming languages, etc.

If you are looking for ideas for a new startup idea, then an application called ‘IdeasAI’ can inspire you to make something cool. ‘IdeasAI’ is developed by Pieter Levels and powered by GPT-3. With continuous learning by actions taken by visitors on IdeasAI’s website, the language learning AI continuously thinks of new ideas. When it comes up with a new one, it shows up here automatically.

Apart from reading about new ideas and liking or disliking them, ‘IdeasAI’ gives the option to claim an idea and get it exclusively. Once you purchase and claim an idea from the ‘IdeasAI,’ it gets removed from the site so that nobody else can find out about it.