Predicting Crashes: Tesla Autopilot Vs Humans

When it comes to autopilot, the very first question that comes to mind is whether the autopilot is a good option when compared to humans or not. As we always get to hear that autopilot might help in some cases, but it can’t understand every situation as humans can. You may also have heard several stories regarding system failure and the car’s crashing while it was on autopilot. Even recent news covered the story of a Tesla on autopilot crashing in a police car. But we never get to hear about those countless events when autopilot prevented an accident and saved lives.

Realizing that, the Tesla Youtube channel requests some Tesla owners for the  TeslaCam and Sentry Mode footage. To have useful information regarding the incidents, the channel’s editor reached out to the owner of each submission to have a detailed conversation and came up with a great story accompanied by the compilation of footage, which showed how autopilot in Tesla avoided several accidents and injuries. 

Autopilot, if works as they are supposed to, then we all know that they have a much better ability to see things beforehand and react accordingly compared to humans. But still, Tesla autopilot requires the driver’s attention and take over by the driver as needed. So the question that comes here into the picture is, how exactly does the autopilot work?

Autopilot is built on a deep neural network that uses cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and radar to sense its environment. The robust sensor and camera suite provides the autopilot with an awareness that a human pilot can never achieve. A powerful computer then processes these inputs, and autopilots react in a span of milliseconds, making our drive safe and stressless.

Still, the odds are in favor of a driver-assisted system. We would never hear about the stories regarding autopilot saving lives, countless ( some of which are there in this video that I referred to in my article).

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