Cut & Paste Your Surroundings to Photoshop with this Augmented Reality App

Is copying and pasting items from the real world to the digital world possible? While writing a blog or posting on social media, adding instant pictures can be possible. A recent post by developer Cyril Diagne shows that copy and paste from the real world to the digital world can be done using AR.

AR Copy Paste app is just a prototype, but soon we can expect this functionality present in our phones. Point your phone at what you need to duplicate, and drag it over to your desktop. The application would be proof of the reversal of the AR paradigm of projecting digital images to the physical world.

Diagne explains that there are a couple of moving parts to his AR Cut and Paste demo. One part isolates the forefront object from the foundation with AI, while another identifies where your phone is pointing at your PC screen. The total time for this process is nearly 6.5s, but this can be sped up.