Curai, a platform that uses machine learning to scale the delivery of instant medical expertise

The more significant part of the total populace has no admittance to essential well-being administrations. About a portion of the 400,000 deaths a year attributed to incorrect diagnoses are viewed as preventable. Curai, a three-year-old startup, is using AI to improve the above condition.

Curai’s endeavors to bring down the obstruction to passage for medicinal services for billions of individuals focus on applying GPU-powered AI to interface patients, suppliers, and health coaches through a chat-based application. In the background, the application is intended to successfully interface the healthcare dots’ entirety, from understanding side effects to making analyses to deciding medicines.

The present pandemic has brought light to the urgency of such a system. The process is automated using AI and ML by Curai. Patients can utilize it to enter data about their conditions, access their clinical profiles, talk with providers 24/7, and see where the process stands.

It puts a cutting-edge electronic well-being record framework readily available for providers, where they can get to all critical data about a patient’s consideration. The application likewise bolsters suppliers by offering indicative and treatment recommendations dependent on Curai’s regularly improving algorithms.