Google AI introduces TF-Coder, a program synthesis tool that helps you write TensorFlow code

Manipulating tensors is not an easy task as it requires a lot of prerequisites, such as keeping track of multiple dimensions, Dtype compatibility, mathematical correctness, and tensor shape. The real challenge is identifying the right TensorFlow operations from the hundreds of options available.

TensorFlow Coder(TF-Coder) makes the tensor manipulation possible without coding and by using examples. TF-Coder helps you write the TensorFlow code. The process is providing input-output examples of the required transformation. Then it finds the TensorFlow that does the transformation. It gives the real TensorFlow code as output.

TF-Coder has many uses some of which are

  1. Find the right functions to use
  2. Combine functions in a smart way
  3. Write correct code with less debugging

At present some of TF-Coders drawbacks are

  1. Within a minute it can find solutions involving 3 or 4 operations, but when there are more operations then the time taken is long
  2. Does not support string tensors or complex tensors
  3. The answer entirely depends on the input-output example provided to the system



Colab notebook:


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