Facebook AI open-sources PyRobot to accelerate AI robotics research

Robotics has always been a fascinating subject, but most people are reluctant to experiment in robotics imagining the complexity of hardware and knowledge of different software associated with it. Facebook AI researcher’s(FAIR) latest research will motivate such people to start working on robots. PyRobot is a framework that helps AI researches and students to get up and running with a robot within a few hours, without specialized knowledge of hardware or of details such as device drivers, control, etc. FAIR is now open-sourcing PyRobot to help others in the AI community.

The robot operating system forms the base for PyRobot. It gives a reliable arrangement of hardware-independent midlevel APIs to control various robots. PyRobot abstracts insights concerning low-level regulators and interprocess correspondence, so AI (ML) specialists and others can essentially concentrate on building significant AI robotics applications.

PyRobot gives an API and high-level code for orders to control automated development, such as path planning, visual SLAM, joint position control, joint speed control, and joint torque control. Facebook plans to work with individuals from the robotics research network to create benchmark informational collections.

Github: https://github.com/facebookresearch/pyrobot


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