This South Korean Medical Imaging Startup Uses AI to Help Doctors Prioritize Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms

The biggest problem faced by many nations is the widespread increase in testing of COVID-19 cases and many patients losing their lives due to delays in results. Thus tackling the pandemic requires quick screening and response to patients with the symptoms. Lunit, a South Korean startup, has come up with an AI-based system for detecting pneumonia, often present in COVID patients within seconds.Ā 

The Lunit INSIGHT CXR system uses AI to detect ten different radiological findings on chest X-rays, including pneumonia and cancerous lung nodules.

It overlays the outcomes onto the X-ray image alongside a likelihood score for the finding. Likewise, the framework screens a patient’s condition, naturally following changes inside a progression of chest X-rat image taken over time.

GE’s partnership with Lunit led them to launch a Thoracic lung suite. It uses the Lunit INSIGHT CXR system. It’s one of the 1st collaborations to bring AI-based solutions commercially available. 

At first, Lunit’s products centered around distinguishing dangerous cancerous nodules in a patient’s lungs or breast, just as breaking down pathology tissue slides. In any case, the COVID-19 outbreak gave the organization a chance to upgrade the algorithm being used to help ease the weights of medicinal service experts on the pandemic’s frontlines. 

The Lunit INSIGHT product line has been launched and tested in 130 sites in countries like Brazil, France, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, and Thailand.