NeuralCam Launches NeuralCam Live App Using Machine Learning to Turn iPhones into Smart Webcams

An era of virtual learning, when interviews, education, etc. are being conducted from home through laptops and the internet. The clarity of the camera for video calls, maybe work or class calls are the primary need of the hour. But laptop webcam still has 720p or 1080 resolutions with low color accuracy and light performance. Understanding the vast market for this NeuralCam introduces an app that converts an apple iPhone into “smart webcam.” The best part of the deal is it’s free.

Neuralcam live platform uses machine learning to generate a high-quality computer video stream using the iPhone’s front camera. Prerequisites are installing the IOS app and MAC driver. iPhone sends a live stream to your computer with features such as video enhancement. Video processing will be handled in the device rather than on the computer. The company is also building an IOS SDK for third-party video calling and streaming apps to control the enhancement features.

The main attractions of the NeuralCam live are

  1. “Style and enhance” features allow users to choose from various filters available and facial smoothing along with low light enhancement that helps to brighten up videos shot in a dark environment.
  2. On-screen meter to evaluate the lighting of the surrounding. Based on the result, viewers can adjust the background before the meeting begins.
  3. “Recognition” is a feature that blurs the image if it detects facial touches or nudity. It also enables a head bubble that exposes the viewer’s head, thus blurring the background if there are disturbances in the environment.

Few shortcomings at present are

  1. ML model still needs optimization works for the above features to work without lag
  2. Limited support to MAC video conferencing apps (zoom, google meet, etc.)

A roadmap has been planned by NeuralCam to overcome these drawbacks. They also plan to release windows support soon and serve industries like education, health care, and entertainment.