Libra: A Python Tool That Automates Machine Learning Process in a Few Lines of Code.

This python library ‘Libra’ automates the end-to-end machine learning process with just one line of code. Libra is built for both software developers and non-technical users.

Assuming you have no background in machine learning, Libra has been designed to even help non-technical users. You don’t need prior experience in preprocessing of data nor complex graphing libraries to analyze your models. None of this experience or knowledge is required to start working in machine learning with Libra.

Key Features

  • The Libra API can be used by a fresher in computing, without much worry about anything but the instruction.
  • It can also be used by an experienced developer who understands the basics of the process. They can perform tuning and identify the best parameters.
  • It can also be used by a machine learning engineer who understands the details of all the parameters and what they do.
  • This allows users of all sorts of experiences to collaborate on the same task.


Installing Libra

pip install libra

Libra is the nexus of modern machine learning


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