This AI vision startup, Recogni, has its sights set on enabling fully autonomous vehicles

With a mission to design a novel vision-oriented artificial intelligence platform, this Silicon Valley-based startup, Recogni, is the only solution on the market that has the performance and efficiency necessary to enable fully autonomous vehicles (AVs).

The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in Munich, Germany. It is backed by leading venture capital firms, including GreatPoint Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, BMWi Ventures, Faurecia, Fluxunit – OSRAM Ventures, and DNS Capital.

Recogni’s system could deliver unprecedented inference performance through novel edge processing, allowing vehicles to see farther and make driving decisions faster than humans while consuming minimal amounts of energy. 

The auto industry is experiencing an evolution to vehicle autonomy Current solutions are based on repurposing legacy technology, constraining their performance and efficiency, rendering them ineffective with regards to enabling full vehicle autonomy. However, Recogni’s technology is purpose-built to allow AVs to perceive their surroundings flawlessly. By leveraging key innovations in algorithms, architecture, and ASIC implementation, Recogni’s chip can process 1000 TOPS (Tera-Operations-Per-Second) while consuming 10W of power”.

Thus, Recogni has the capability to enable AVs to see a small object 200m away and can interpret visual cues in just a few milliseconds. Recogni takes the top-down approach to solve a problem (solving the full autonomy problem, and inherently partial autonomy also as a result) instead of the bottom-up (solving partial autonomy only). As a result, Recogni claims to be the only solution on the market that can scale from partial to full autonomy for OEMs to compete with the evolving auto market and sustain profitability in the long run.

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