Facebook AI open-sources Blender, the largest-ever open-domain chatbot

When we talk about chatbots, good conversation is the primary object of any machine learning model and requires appropriate training data and choice of generation strategy. After years of research in conversational AI, Facebook recently launched its largest-ever open-domain chatbot, ‘Blender’ with variants of these recipes with 90M, 2.7B, and 9.4B parameter neural models.

Blender outperforms other available open-domain tools in terms of engagement and also feels more human, according to human evaluators. Blender is the first chatbot to blend a diverse set of conversational skills — including empathy, knowledge, and personality — together in one system with the ability to assume a persona, discuss nearly any topic, and show empathy — in natural, 14-turn conversation flows.

“We achieved this milestone through a new chatbot recipe that includes improved decoding techniques, novel blending of skills, and a model with 9.4 billion parameters, which is 3.6x more than the largest existing system.”: Facebook blog

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.13637

Codes: https://parl.ai/projects/blender/


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