Google AI Open-Sources ‘EfficientDet’, an Advanced Object Detection Tool


Google has been always at the forefront when it comes to artificial intelligence research. Google AI team has recently open-sourced ‘EfficientDet’, an advanced object detection tool using minimum compute. EfficientDet achieves better performance in comparison with YOLO or AmoebaNet when used with CPU or GPU’S.

EfficientDet is the next-generation version of EfficientNet which use to be one of the advanced object detection models released in early 2019 for Coral boards. EfficientDets are developed based on the advanced backbone, a new BiFPN, and a new scaling technique:

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Key Components:

  • Backbone: The more advanced EfficientNets are used in backbone networks.
  • BiFPN: BiFPN is being proposed as a new bi-directional feature network to enable easy and fast feature fusion.
  • Scaling: Proposed use of a single compound scaling factor to govern the network depth, width, and resolution for all backbone, feature network, and prediction networks.


Paper Pdf:

Github Codes:

EfficientNet Tutorial:

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