Carla: Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research

While the possibility of autonomous vehicles driving our streets in the near future is getting closer, the research in developing technologies to improve lives and to reduce accidents has been in full force. Despite all the researches and efforts to bring the autonomous vehicles on the roads for trials, we still don’t have full confidence in the prospect. It needs more research and validation.

The introduction of CARLA, a free, open-source simulator powered by Unreal Engine, has been inspired by earlier work of Research Scientist Germán Ros, who is now CARLA Team Lead, and Professor Antonio M. López of the Computer Vision Center in Barcelona. CARLA has been designed from the beginning to support the development, training, and validation of autonomous driving systems.




  • Scalability via a server multi-client architecture
  • Flexible API
  • Autonomous Driving sensor suite
  • Fast simulation for planning and control
  • Maps generation
  • Traffic scenarios simulation
  • ROS integration
  • Autonomous Driving baselines

Building from source



New Release Dec 2019:

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