This open-source tool ‘Doccano’ provides annotation features for text classification

Doccano is an open-source text annotation tool for machine learning professionals. It sets annotation features for sequence labeling, text classification and sequence to sequence tasks. It has multiple applications like creating labeled data for sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, text summarization and so on.

Unlike other free open source annotation tools such as Brat and Anafora, Doccano has better modern UX experience. Other modern text annotations tools exist like Prodigy and LightTag, but they cost a lot.

Features include:

  • Collaborative annotation
  • Multi-language support
  • Mobile support
  • Emoji ? support
  • Dark theme
  • RESTful API



Two options to run Doccano

  1. Docker Compose
$ git clone
$ cd doccano
$ docker-compose -f up

2. Docker

docker pull chakkiworks/doccano
docker container create --name doccano \
  -e "ADMIN_USERNAME=admin" \
  -e "[email protected]" \
  -e "ADMIN_PASSWORD=password" \
  -p 8000:8000 chakkiworks/doccano