How This Data Startup Aims to Bring Access to Petabytes of Public Data & Make S3 ‘Work like Dropbox’

After four years of hard work by Kevin Moore and Aneesh Karve (Founders), Quilt Data comes live from stealth mode. This platform can be used to search for data from various repositories on AWS S3 storage. Almost 3.7 petabytes of public data across 23 S3 repositories can be accessed using ‘Quilt.’

It will be the first time when data engineers, data scientists, and general users can browse, search and visualize data sets such as cityGML data for all the buildings in the United States to provide 3D geometries for every US building.

Quilt helps companies to work as a team and share data with high level of control and privacy. Data shared in team is never copied on Quilt server and the original creators have full control on them.

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