List Of Free Reinforcement Learning Courses/Resources Online

  1. Reinforcement Learning Offered at Georgia Tech as CS 8803
  2. Practical Reinforcement Learning
  3. Reinforcement Learning Explained
  4. Reinforcement Learning in Finance
  5. Introduction to reinforcement learning
  6. Deep Reinforcement Learning CS 294-112 at UC Berkeley
  7. An introduction to Reinforcement Learning (Medium Article)
  8.  Introduction to RL and Immediate RL
  9. Introduction to RL
  10. A Free course in Deep Reinforcement Learning from beginner to expert.
  11. A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Reinforcement Learning
  12. CS 294: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Fall 2015
  13. Deep Reinforcement Learning- Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
  14. Deep Reinforcement Learning-Department of Computer Science, University College London 
  15. UCL Course on RL
  16. Reinforcement Learning-Open access peer-reviewed Edited Volume
  17. CS 294-112. Deep Reinforcement Learning by Sergey Levine. UC Berkeley. Fall 2018
  18. David Silver’s course
  19. Deep RL Bootcamp

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