How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Developers To Create Innovative Apps

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is taking the world by storm, producing new possibilities and giving every industry around the world a chance to make a huge step up. Recently, top app development companies have seized this opportunity to create even more innovative apps that have helped to make our smartphones a lot more useful. With the app development industry becoming more competitive and with most app developers finding it more challenging to come up with innovative ideas, the possibilities created by AI is a breath of fresh air in the app industry.

What Makes AI So Special?

Basically, artificial intelligence (AI) promotes fast learning and interaction in machines that would make them a lot similar to humans. Although AI is designed to make machines more human, they come without the emotional baggage that could otherwise lead to errors. This efficiency has helped top app development companies to create applications that are capable of understanding it’s user’s behavioral patterns and thus is able to predict their needs and actions. The consequences being that we now have apps that can offer useful solutions and even help to accomplish a task on our behalf.

In 2017, Google announced during its I/O Conference that their technological priorities have moved from ”mobile first” to ”AI first”. This sparked a series of programs alongside the release of useful toolkits that have since assisted app developers to create quality AI apps for Android. From the Android Jetpack to Machine learning, top app development companies have since been afforded the chance to create quality apps on the Android platform with innovative tools.

How Can AI Help App Developers Make Better Apps?

As earlier stated, top app development companies are already in the business of creating more efficient apps with the help of the possibilities created by Artificial Intelligence. Below are some of the innovations and how they are helping app developers today.

Data Collation: It was earlier mentioned that AI studies human behavioral patterns to make predictions about their needs and actions. These studies, are collated, sorted and stored as data which is analyzed to determine the kind of features that users would prefer in an app. This had proved immensely helpful for top app development companies because, before AI, developers created apps they thought users would find interesting based on their perceived needs. With AI technology, developers now know exactly the kind of app that would prove useful.

Predictive Analysis: As we know, the best apps on the market are usually the ones that continually come up with exceptional updates offering new features that make the app more efficient and a lot more useful. With the help of the very efficient predictive analysis by AI, top app development companies now find it a lot easier to know which features to add to their app to enhance its performance.

Speed and Efficiency: AI possesses an incredible intellectual power which has since been maximized by top app development companies to speed up the process of app development as well as enhance efficiency.

Data Analysis by AI Algorithm: AI comes with a powerful algorithm that is able to analyze data from various sources such as Online traffic, POS and so on. App Developers can utilize this data to generate applicable marketing strategies, messages, and notifications for better user engagement. Also, Artificial Intelligence chatbots afford an avenue of communication all day long.

How AI is Already Being Used to Create a Better Mobile Experience?

Mobile platforms like Android and IOS are already creating innovative apps with features that have revolutionized mobile phone usage as we know it. The following are some of the major features that are an attestation of the positive influence AI is having on smartphones.

Landmark Detection: Powered by artificial intelligence, landmarks detection can be used for face averaging, face swapping and face morphing. Basically, it represents visual features for expression recognition and face registration.

Face Detection: Face detection is an AI-powered technology that allows applications to identify the face of an individual correctly. This technology is already being used to much success in facial identification for the purpose of surveillance. However, on smartphone platforms like IOS and Android, it is used in detecting human faces in a picture.

Text Recognition: This technology helps to detect texts present in media files like videos and pictures. When obtained, the texts are broken down and the meaning is determined. Many top app development companies have used the text recognition technology as either a feature of an app or as a standalone app. Most game developers utilize text recognition technology.

Image Labeling: With the help of AI-powered Apps, developers can now afford to label ground data interactively in an image collection. Rectangular regions of interests can also be labeled for image scene classification, pixel semantic segmentation and object detection.


With apps such as fitness trackers now employing the use of AI technology to create efficient performance, there is no doubt that AI has found its way into our lifestyles and immensely improved the way we use our smartphones. The different possibilities it presents has helped app developers to analyze and create apps that have proven to be incredibly useful. With the app market becoming increasingly competitive over the years and many top app development companies frantically scrambling to come up with the next big idea, AI has afforded developers the chance to create more groundbreaking apps which is sure to improve our daily lifestyles.

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