Would you let AI Judge your trail?

Estonia is using AI for a lofty goal and working to push artificial intelligence services to new heights to reduce the caseload on their legal system. The chief data officer for Estonia is working to push a new movement for artificial intelligence to be incorporated into civil cases for its 1.3 million citizens.

AI is currently being tested in 13 different positions within the government to replace some of the workers. Around 22% of Estonians are presently working for the government and introducing AI in these various systems can help to replace these workers and reduce the overall load on the government.

These AI systems were able to save the government up to $755,000 because of fewer site visits and less time focused on enforcement actions within the government. Estonia is hoping to improve its efforts by offering a series of civil trial assistance. In the UK, for example, there are services like do not pay which is an AI-driven chat bot responsible for handling 160,000 parking ticket offenses in London. Freeing up these resources leads to quick results for people appealing cases like parking tickets and the government as well.

The Estonian government AI task force will be testing AI and 35 demonstration projects by the year 2020. One of the most controversial projects is an AI-driven judge that could soon be used in various courtroom settings. The judges merely being tested in a simulation trial approach currently. Soon, however, this could be a project that handles the early formation of cases before there is an appeal. An AI-driven system to be more accurate than human decision-making for the law and could have fair sentencing algorithms. The current goal for this AI system is to solve a series of simple disputes. For it to be used in a real Estonian court; however the AI needs to be demonstrably safe.





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