How Machine Learning Can Revolutionize The Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry gets affected by machine learning and artificial learning as it is revolutionizing. Machine learning is one of the diverse fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the algorithms tend to get the auto data and gets the predictions through data working efficiently with humans.

Machine learning is known as an exciting part of AI nowadays which people love to know about. There are new technologies and advancement every other day in the tech industry with new applications and opportunities to explore.

If you are someone who is working in the marijuana industry, then this article will surely interest you. Along with that, the people in municipality, stakeholders, potential retailers, law enforcement agencies and others will be interested to know about this subject.

Research of AI in the Marijuana Industry

The compilation of favorite research papers has been there to come into the conclusion in working AI with the marijuana industry. There are new drug discoveries which are based on the compounds and chemical properties making use of AI.

The schedules and settings of temperature, CO2, PH, and humidity are the things which get managed through IoT and AI. According to Twitter data, the stock markets have mentioned marijuana as to use the data mining option. It also helps in predicting the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) based on the data accessed by twitter.

AI Products

There are different companies which are using AI and machine learning to their services and products. Here are some of the followings.

  • Yield Production helps in keeping track of the growth rate for marijuana plants and their stage of vegetation through the vision of machine and AI. The best example is MotorLeaf.
  • Custom Tailored Marijuana Strains get the strains in finding weed to find the solutions and treatment for the symptoms like cancer, asthma, and insomnia in the patients by reading through the medical journals. PotBot is an example.  It also relates to cannabinoids studies and finds the active compounds of marijuana.
  • E-commerce Personalization works through AI, offering the delivery and personalization solutions to the clients. The best example is  Findify. It includes personalized search, advanced analytics of data, product recommendation along with providing information to the online retailers who sell marijuana.
  • Robotic Delivery works with the wheeled robots which performs with the AI algorithms. Starship is a related example.

Business Risk Reduction

The use of AI in the prediction of marijuana stock market and its changes helps in knowing the patterns which can be great for forecasting and making the decisions wisely over the investment.

Along with that, the assessment is there to allocate the business risk with the stakeholders in the business of marijuana. AI helps in data compliance with predicting the license holders of marijuana to avoid any fail and fall into the risk further.

Enhanced Customer Service

The use of AI based chatbots are also helping  in gathering data and using it for the cannabis business. BudGenius is a good example for companies to help patients to choose products.

AI and machine learning are some of the essential tools which are a part of the marijuana industry now. The leverage to gain a competitive advantage in the competitive market is through AI for all the companies of marijuana. Therefore big data will help revolutionize the marijuana Industry in the next few years.



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