Inspiring Talk with an Eleven Year Old Coder and his Brothers

Timothy: Young programmer, software developer, author, and speaker. Timothy will be rolling out the next big thing, with the help of his team- his family. Timothy loves to code and work with his brothers to create cool net apps.

The story of three young brothers who code together: Daniel, Eugene, and Timothy.  Timothy is eleven years old and his brothers are both a few years older. The boys’ mom says, “They collaborate on everything and they want to showcase that. They always say there is strength in numbers so they model that all the time.”

MarkTechPost Team: What inspired you to start coding at a young age, and what is some advice you have for other young people who want to learn to code?

Timothy: There are several reasons that made me want to code…  I loved the idea of creating apps and sharing it with the world. Our advice for every kid who wants to code, and those who do not, is that everyone can code, including kids.

Eugene: We started learning how to code after we saw the spelling app that [Timothy] made to help kids learn how to spell.  It is so cool! Daniel and I felt like we could do this. And [Timothy] encouraged us to start coding. Timothy inspired Daniel and I to coding. Timothy has always believed he would create something and share it with the world. Coding is an Universal language and in the next ten years, everyone will be communicating through code.

MarkTechPost Team: What are some of the biggest challenges you faced when learning to code?  Tell us a memorable story or challenge you faced in your journey.

Timothy: Daniel’s biggest challenge is syntax errors, and my biggest challenge is learning how to make my work look nice.  I do a lot of back-end. Now I am taking a UX class to help me make my work look nice.

Daniel: [Timothy’s] first coding class was a boot camp at the age of 9.  There were only adults in the class and he was the only kid in class.

Timothy’s Mom: It was hard to find a course that would teach coding to a nine year old.  Most of the coding bootcamps were to prepare someone for a job. Timothy was not going to be working at nine years old.  Finally, one coding bootcamp agreed to meet with Timothy if he was able to pass a test that assessed his Python ability. Timothy passed and he was accepted into the class.

Timothy: Mom sat next to me in every class, which was very nice. It did not feel different. Classes just felt like a time to learn more stuff to help me in my projects.

Eugene: Recruiters always wondered if Mom brought him because they thought she couldn’t find a baby sitter, which was pretty funny. When they found out he brought Mom to class, he was more interested in discussing the projects in class.

Timothy: It was very interesting to talk about projects.  With everyone, including me, making an input, our projects were always centered around identifying a challenge and solving it with code. I am looking forward to such classes where adults and kids together will be building solutions to problems using code — all over the world! What are some reasons you think young people are afraid to code?  

Eugene: Daniel, Timothy and I always hear kids say “Coding is meant for only adults.” Some think they are too young to learn how to code. Some believe it is meant for a special set of people. Here at, we believe everyone can code, including kids.

MarkTechPost Team: How did Timothy get started in learning Python in elementary school?

Eugene: Timothy wanted to create his own app.  A friend at school named Phillip told Timothy if he wanted to create his own app, he will have to learn how to code.

Timothy: So I started with Python.  Mom and my auntie bought Python books for me. Looking back now, Python is close to English, and in my opinion, it is simpler for a beginner [than other languages].

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MarkTechPost Team: Are you taking any Artificial Intelligence courses?  Tell us your experience so far.

Timothy: The three of us are all learning Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is going well!

Daniel: Virtual/Augmented Reality and AI are things we will really love to do. Putting them together is going to be awesome! We can’t wait to have all three integrated on our screen.

Eugene: Our mentor, Mr. Royce Birnbaum of Neuronaut Industries, specialized in an AI/MAchine learning lab. He is doing a fantastic job!

MarkTechPost Team: Why did you decide to write books on coding?  What was the process like? Tell us about your book.

Eugene: We wrote coding books because we want kids to be familiar with the word code. We want to take away all the fears attached to coding.

Timothy: When I was 5, I did not see any coding books for 5-year old kids. We want to make a change.

Daniel: Between the 3 of us, we have nine books already written. We will be releasing the first 3 in the fall. Our book is meant to reach kids of 3-17 years old and young adults.

MarkTechPost Team: What are your views about

Timothy:We believe MarktechPost is a brilliant idea. It is making information about the tech community reachable. And we believe that is cool.

Note: Timothy, Eugene and Daniel’s Interview has been conducted by team under the supervision of their Mother.

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