List Of Facebook Groups To Join For Data Science

Here is the list of Facebook groups to join for Data Science learning

1.International Data Science Study Group  (~10,000 members)

2. Data Science World (~30,000 members)

3. BIG DATA Professionals | Scientists | IOT | NoSQL | Hadoop | Spark (~15,000 members)

4. Data Science and Predictive Analytics News (~65,000 members)

5. Data Science with R (~70,000 members)

6. Data Science Beginners (~19,000 members)

7. Deep Learning, Data Science, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (~10,000 members)

8. Artificial Intelligence | Tech| Deep Learning | Machine Learning | VR | IOT (~3,000 members)

9. Data Science With Python (~22,000 members)

10. Data Science with R and Machine Learning (~17,000 members)

11. Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining & Statistics (~19,000 members)

12. Data Science Job Seeker – Worldwide (~9,000 members)

13. Data Science using Python, R and Tableau (~4,000 members)

14. Data Science (~36,000 members)

15. Math for Data science (~17,000 members)

16. Data Science with Python (~14,000 members)

17. MS in US – Business Analytics/Data Science (~13,000 members)

18. SuperDataScience Community (~17,000 members)

19. DataScience SG (~9,000 members)

20. Big Data (~27,000 members)

21. DataPlatformGeeks (~14,000 members)

22. hadoop. (~18,000 members)

23. Big Data Learnings (~19,000 members)

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