The Growing Market Of Pet Tech

Today, the amount of money we spend on our pets has doubled in the last 15 years and in 2017 alone, over $70 billion was spent by US pet owners. Far beyond just toys and kibble, however, our love for our furry family members takes a high tech turn. The marketplace for such tech is booming, and retailers are starting to see green.

From FitBits to Amazon Alexa, we are surrounded by gadgetry that make our lives easier – and we’re starting to extend this to pets. In fact, among millennial pet owners 76% of them are willing to splurge more on their pets than on themselves. Though maybe our cats and dogs may not be interested in using a desktop computer, there are pieces of tech geared towards them. For dogs languishing at home and waiting for their person to return from work, the Cleverpet Dog Gaming Console is an option to keep a puppy entertained, while the mischievous kitty cat may benefit from the FroliCat Bolt, an automatic laser pointer.

While no machine can truly mimic the love and connections we have with our pets, they can certainly give us an opportunity to interact with and understand them more than ever. What kind of gadgets are pet parents splurging on most? This infographic details the wide world of pet tech and how it’s changing the game for both pet and owner.

Pet Tech
Source: PetXP

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