6 Ways Blockchain Technology is Addressing Challenges in Marketing

Many modern challenges can come up as a result of marketing with the help of new technology. If you are interested in meeting some of these challenges head-on and having success in marketing today, it remains important that you are using blockchain technology. Here are some of the top methods that are being used in blockchain technology that will address some of the greatest challenges in marketing:

Data Targeting:

The targeting data available for customers grows as a result of the blockchain. It’s now possible to eliminate the middleman with impact marketing. Rather than having to pore over consistent figures from Facebook and Google, blockchain improves transparency and this can help with brand building up trust within their customer base and with their ability to showcase the way that they are using customer data in the process.

Media can gain Decentralization:

Rather than having a constant middleman in place, there can be a form of the credit system that can remove some of the barriers in marketing. Rather than having to constantly pay into service to establish a relationship between the consumer and advertisers it is possible to establish a more direct link between the media and advertisers instead.

Verification of Fraud can improve:

There are many instances where advertising sales can be presented in front of fake bots and more. Fraud verification for marketing spending will be on the rise, and this can improve a marketing budget considerably.

Measurement/ Analytics:

Blockchain technology creates a massive ledger, and this can come in handy especially when tracking ongoing analytics within advertising. With the constant ledger of highly targeted individuals checking in on the content, it is possible to make sure that advertisers can have a consistent record of how their content is being viewed. Transactions can finally be logged for every single view, and this can improve almost every type of CPC advertising that is currently in use.

Influencers can enjoy better quality Results:

Marketing influencers will shrink in their numbers, but the impact that they can deliver can be improved consistently along the way. As influencers will know exactly where their posts are being viewed, they can have highly targeted results from all of their content. Measuring impressions and having a constant ledger of some of the people that follow them will lead to highly successful results in marketing.

It is possible that Malicious Ads could grow:

As a small answer to some of the challenges being faced in the market, there’s always a chance that the number of malicious ads could soon grow. Blockchain technology can make it easy to get around top-tier ad-block technology and introduce a series of unethical uses for certain visitor resources. The CPU power that blockchain provides could make sure that advertisers always can push through and make sure their ads are seen.

Consider some of these top changes to marketing and the way that Block Chain is making a difference today. By keeping some of these top thoughts in mind, you can work at using this technology to the fullest.

Source: Some information used in this article is from https://www.adweek.com/programmatic/4-ways-blockchain-can-address-some-of-marketings-biggest-challenges/ 

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