New AI Toilets can Scan Poop to Detect Health Issues

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into a wide range of settings including everything from AI that is capable of learning new computer programs to the latest in smart home technology. Many AI developers are focusing on the idea of improving healthcare options and with everyday items in the home. A new focus from Micron comes with the development of a smart home toilet that contains AI technology. The goal of this technology is to analyze bowel movements and recognize the signs for health issues or ailments early on.

The latest in smart toilets could help to provide precision healthcare. By analyzing human waste in real time, it could be possible to generate true improvements for a person’s health care. As an individual won’t be visiting a physician every day to receive a diagnosis, having their stool analyzed could be an excellent way that they could make sure they can have any signs of trouble spotted early on.

Certain precursors for disease or serious ailment can be caught in stool samples. With built-in stool analysis within a toilet, it’s possible that urine and stool analysis could take place in an ongoing sense leading to massive improvements in  health and wellness for people worldwide.

The medicine on board with one of these toilets could have a series of sensors that could spot patterns. AI systems could handle everything from spotting the evidence of diabetes to checking into the cause of various dietary concerns. Having an ongoing analysis or diagnosis could take place on board any smartphone or tablet device, and this could lead to people taking an active role in their health almost every day.

The company currently developing this technology has a high demand for some of its other products. They are currently developing everything from hand-held smartphones to large-scale data centers which can all be of use for building the future of their technology. As future smartphone devices continue to be developed in this system, it could be only a matter of time before we start to see revolutionary healthcare improvements from appliances that we would regularly use every day. The interesting AI and diagnosis technology can help to improve the ability of any diagnosis and for making sure that we can consciously take a better approach to our healthcare no matter what our habits typically dictate.

Although the AI enabled toilet is not considered for mass release just yet, as the technology continues to develop it will be just a matter of time before we could start seeing some of these items appearing in homes across the nation.

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