Ireland: A Future Artificial Intelligence-Tech Island

This North European nation is the latest point of focus for tech talent. There is myriad of tech startups emerging from the Emerald Isle. Artificial Intelligence is the popular area of concern, and the quality of the innovations is amazing.

For a long time, the island has laid dormant and unrecognized globally for any special contribution to global development. Today, it stands as a challenge to smaller cities as well as huge ones such as London.

The city’s technological progress has turned Dublin into the new European headquarters for tech giants. Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have all turned their attention to this city. Brexit is also a blessing in disguise. There are rising numbers of international brands set to relocate their European Headquarters from London. The Irish are therefore set to thrive in the newfound tech startup environment.

These are some of the most promising Irish Artificial Intelligence startups.


Nora Khaldi created Nuritas in 2014. It combines AI technology, machine learning, and DNA analyses to predict and give access to peptides instantly. Peptides are beneficial compounds hidden in food. This research tool has aided in the detection and prevention of diabetes via nutrition. This is a milestone in the medical world applauded by doctors around the world.

The most amazing breakthrough was the discovery of a peptide capable of destroying MRSA. This bacterium has for a long time, proven resilient to all antibiotics. The discovery is a huge success in the medical world. It could help in the introduction of new food components, which will help prevent, manage, and even cure chronic diseases.

The biotech company earned $ 16 million as Series A funding from American-based Cultivian Sandbox Ventures. This fund increased the firm’s overall investment to $26 million. Other investors include; Bono, The Edge, and Salesforce. There is also a collaborative project with Swiss food and beverage giant Nestle.

Soapbox Labs

Patricia Scanlon is the brain behind Soapbox Labs, which is a smart voice recognition technology used in Irish schools. Founded in 2014, Soapbox has been helpful to Irish schools. It is one of the top AI companies focused on improving the learning experience of children. The engine can identify mistakes the learners make as they read their books. They can provide real-time feedback as responses to help the kid improve their reading skills. The children need to read aloud for the smart assistant to track and assess the progress.

It earned a USD 2 million EU Grant and USD 800,000 from backers to develop the project and incorporate other languages such as French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish. The Portuguese version is also expected soon along with other world-popular languages.


Luca Boschin and Alessandro Prest from Italy founded LogoGrab. It is also based in Dublin and offers image recognition technology to meet the demands of social media users. This is because Images have become the trendiest way to communicate on social media.

LogoGrab is designed to scan and identify specific brand logo images from millions of images and videos available on social media. Multinationals can track the activity of their exposure on social media. It is also a good opportunity to assess the impact of their digital marketing strategies. The engine notifies companies of the activity of their company logo on social media platforms.

LogoGrab took first prize in 2017’s Google Adopt a Startup Spring program.


Founded in 2016 by Lucinda Kelly, Popertee is an AI-based technology that helps to connect brands with vacant spaces.

Retail and marketing campaigns have just taken a notch higher with the introduction of this engine. It spotted a gap in short-term rental markets and capitalized on the opportunity to combine social media.

Companies can locate the most appropriate places for popups and marketing campaigns.

Huge brands such as Coca-Cola, Virgin Media, and Volvo have successfully used Popertee in their online campaign strategies.

This platform possesses the ability to measure the impact of campaigns for brands that need deeper insights on performance, events, venues, and agencies.

This company raised $ 650,000 from the European Investment Fund and Enterprise Ireland making it one of the top 5 most successful tech companies in Ireland.


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