Your Business Journey To The Cloud

Many explanations for cloud computing are needlessly complex. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud computing, especially from a business perspective, there are countless definitions of what cloud computing does and what it should do. On its most basic level, cloud computing is technology that allows us to use remote servers, hosted by internet connections, to store, manage, and share data. Data, in this context, could mean anything from personal vacation photos to sensitive business material.

As of 2016, most business who use cloud computing in their operations prefer a hybrid platform. Incorporating some features from both private and public cloud platforms, the hybrid allows businesses to manage their data, control their data, for its ease of use, and of course its cost-effectiveness. Though security remains a high risk factor in cloud computing, it’s not much more of a threat than in traditional computer data storage methods.

Cloud computing can be made as simple or as complicated as the user likes, but when approached with an open mind can be an indispensable business tool, for any size corporation. Take a look at this infographic for more on the past, present, and bright future of cloud computing and how its helping businesses thrive.

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