Augmented Reality And The Future Of Selfies

Since the dawn of time, humans have found ways of portraying their likeness. The natural human connection we feel for other faces and their expressions is evident through centuries worth of art history. From cave drawings to royal commissioned portraits, it was all a culmination to the iconic snapchat selfie.

In 2015, Snapchat rolled out the red carpet for its newest feature: the filter. Based on computer facial mapping technology, these filters worked in real time and conformed to any user’s face automatically; a few lucky ones were even able to get their pet’s face to register. The result was the memorable barfing rainbows in which the users eyes were enlarged and a long cartoon rainbow would spill out of any open mouth. From there we were introduced to the dog filter, the flower crown filter, and even sponsored filters for movie promotion.

Though it’s easy to feel small as just one person among 7 billion, the opportunity to fine tune our self portraits and showcase our interests through a photo is a special opportunity to put our best face forward. From upping our selfie game to protecting our bank accounts, augmented reality has already shown to be a unique and indispensable part of our modern life; take a look at this infographic for more about Augmented Reality and its effects on art, social media, even security, and where it will take us in the future.

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