Business Impacts and Advantages of Natural Language Generation (AI)

We live in the age of smart gadgets where revolutionary technologies are being introduced now and then. These devices are called smart because they no longer perform the function of a mere calculator for which they were initially designed. Instead, these technologies have evolved to match Human Intelligence and even exceed the level of Humans. The developments of Artificial Intelligence was facilitated through Neural Networks which gave computers the ability to understand which the only feature these computers did not possess earlier. Even though Artificial Intelligence is a state of the art technology, the complete use of such technology is yet to be explored. There are three basic subsets of the Artificial Intelligence Technology. Of these three subsets, the most important subset is the Natural Language Generation which increases the worth of the technology. There are several advantages of Natural Language Generation which will be explored in this article.

The subsets of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a prime technology which has the potential to change the way computers are being used in Today’s world. This technology gives the user the feel of conversing with another human being which has an idea about almost everything in the world. This is facilitated through the use of three complex techniques which are the Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation. The technique of Natural Language Generation is the most complex technique of all and is also the technique which gives computers the ability to react and converse exactly similar to a Human Being. Every time an Artificial System is asked a question, the AI System uses the Natural Language Processing technique to convert the question into suitable data. The Natural Language Understanding is used to understand the data and statistical information which is the answer to the question. The Natural Language Generation Technique is used to generate answers to the question in the form of texts from the data. This helps the system in providing an inference to the user from the relevant data instead of throwing unprocessed data which will not be easily understood by the user.

The True Potential of Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation is used to provide suitable answers to the question posted and thus can answer any query of the user. Hence this ensures that the user has a clear idea about the data and is left with no more doubts. The primary advantage of Natural Language Generation is the ability of the computer to generate narrative statements from data. Apart from this, there are several advantages of Natural Language Generation and it has a huge impact on business intelligence. Another advantage of Natural Language Generation is that it could easily analyze the data and even prepare reports which were one of the tasks which would be performed only by Humans earlier. These reports can be highly accurate and this gives Humans more time to take necessary action based on the report. This helps Humans concentrate on other creative activities which would yield better value to the business organization.

Content Creation

Content creation is one of the tasks which requires the user to thoroughly understand the data from various resources and provide a suitable Inference. However, this could also be done by Artificial Intelligence systems due to their Natural Language Generation feature. With the Help of Natural Language Generation, these systems could create User Manuals, Product Descriptions and even Product reviews just by analyzing the specifications of the product. This could save a lot of time and money for organizations. They also can take up complex tasks like Report Generation and the best part is they could deliver reports in specific formats within a matter of few seconds.

Improves Employee Performance

Artificial Intelligence Systems not only analyze data reports but also the efficiency and performance level of humans. This is a very useful technique in Call Centers where they could be used to generate individual performance reports for every employee based on several factors like the tone of the response, clarity of information provided to the customers which are possible by in-depth analysis of the conversation which took place between the employee and the customer. This is a major feature which would help to improve the performance of not only call center employees but also the performance of every employee in the service industry. Also, they deliver the required data about every individual employee in the format desired by the user.


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