Exclusive Talk with Edward Musinski: Co-Founder at Anti-Aging Investment Accelerator DAYS.Exchange

Asif: Tell us about your educational background and your current ventures?

Edward: I have MBA in International Business Development. Since 2009 I am
specializing in emerging technologies development: digital marketing,
digital health, the blockchain, insurtech, AI. So, I combine all of my experience in my current venture www.days.exchange. Advances in digital health and blockchain technology made it possible to interconnect and motivate geographically dispersed client bases.*

Asif: How did you get started in crypto insurance platform?

Edward: I was the vice-president in an investment and financial holding company but left to do something useful for the whole of mankind, not just for the shareholders of the holding. The ideology of health & insurance sharing economy is the main distinguishing feature which attracts people to DAYS.exhange.

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I get started the DAYS crypto insurance project with Marin Livadaru, German investment manager. Together we have created Future Europe Investment Rating Association (FEIRA) in 2011. Today it is a platform for validation of technologies where to invest insurance reserves. Within the DAYS.exchange economy, everybody has profit. This collaborative sharing mechanism of DAYS.exchange is the main difference factor. No one private company has this inclusive mechanism.

Asif: Many people believe that Artificial Intelligence could bring the apocalypse, what are your views?

Edward: Many people believe that Artificial Intelligence could bring about the apocalypse. I don’t think so. It all depends on us. We all need to agree on a complex set of legal rules that sit on top of this (to put Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics into an AI development code). I see the danger of AI in the fact that this will aggravate unemployment. But for this danger, we in DAYS have a solution: the conditional insurance income for healthy behavior, which DAYS will provide to participants of our economy for a healthy lifestyle. Thus DAYS will concentrate on the global demand for more efficient medicine, to ensure a smart investment of contributors’ time and assets (health as an asset).

Asif: “Aging as a disease” what are your views?

Edward: There is a growing determination in the aging research community to obtain a formal classification of aging as a disease. The incentive is there for scientists and institutions to have aging declared a disease because that opens doors to funding, and permits treatments aimed at controlling aging to run through the regulatory process. So, this question has a big economic meaning for us. Our institutional partners, insurers, they all are waiting for WHO to vote on the classification of aging as a disease. When done, investments funds and insurers will redirect a huge amount to longevity industry.

Asif: What books have influenced your thoughts the most?

Edward: Issak Asimov’s books have influenced me. Asimov’s Foundation novels grounded my forecasting abilities implemented in the design of DAYS Rating mechanism (DAYS Investment Index). Moreover, I have designed the DAYS Healthy-Wealthy index using my understanding of the mathematics of human behavior to make the life of mankind healthier and prosper. Wealthy-Wealthy Index is distributing outcomes of DAYS Investment Index to DAYS contributors in form of the conditional insurance income for healthy behavior.

The second Asimov’s book series is “I, Robot” novels. Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics are most important for the development of AI in healthcare. The first of Asimov’s law is even a law for every doctor: A robot may not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm

Asif: What are your views on MarkTechPost?

Edward: I think MarkTechPost may become a sort of specialized Huffington Post. I am pleasantly surprised at the highest level of presentation of complicated issues like digital health, Artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. Hard to believe such a large amount of content is produced by just a few authors! In special I must note the importance of RANKINGs by Asif Razzaq.

Asif Razzaq is the CEO of Marktechpost Media Inc.. As a visionary entrepreneur and engineer, Asif is committed to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence for social good. His most recent endeavor is the launch of an Artificial Intelligence Media Platform, Marktechpost, which stands out for its in-depth coverage of machine learning and deep learning news that is both technically sound and easily understandable by a wide audience. The platform boasts of over 2 million monthly views, illustrating its popularity among audiences.

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