AI Technology Gives Silenced Radio Journalist His Voice Back

When a journalist named Jamie Dupree began to lose his voice in the year 2016 to a rare neurological condition, an AI voice learning company started working on a solution.

Cereproc is a tech firm working with AI that is responsible for voice learning technology. Cereproc has made it their mission to replicate voices.

They successfully developed AI learning technology reproduce the voice of Pres. John F. Kennedy earlier in the year. With this tech, they are now able to help people like Dupree.

With the tech developed by Cereproc, Dupree will be able to use a computer-generated voice to go back on the air. As a Washington-based political journalist and radio show host, he started losing his voice with a condition called tongue protrusion dystonia. This neurological condition causes people to lose control over their tongues, and this can make speech impossible.

He has been off the air for over two years but has continued to work as a writer and journalist. Working with the Scottish-based tech firm that founded in 2006 has allowed him to use in AI generated voice. Cereproc took previous broadcasts and recordings of Dupree to build his voice and mimic his speech. Although the voice is considered to be slightly robotic, it is most definitely a close read creation of Jamie Dupree’s on-air voice.

Since Cereproc launched, it has been able to build 250 voices for people who have previously lost the ability to speak. Their database is continuing to grow. Rather than having to painstakingly go through footage the company and their neural network can search through footage and sliced down audio recordings into words and phonetics. The artificial intelligence can cut down each word into tiny pieces to work on the way that the person’s voice is ordered in a sequence to form a natural word. From there the neural network functions to create its natural sounds to make the audio sound closer to conversational English.

This type of technology and its proven vocal reconstruction could represent hope for others that suffer from degenerative diseases like Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) , throat cancer and more.

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