Five Digital Health Trends To Watch In 2018

There are a number of trends that are emerging in digital health and population health. With around $3.5 billion that was invested into these types of companies in 2017, it is important for any company in the healthcare industry to really understand these digital platforms and the future of medicine and technology. Here are some of the top five trends that we are about to see in digital health for 2018 and why so many are investing in this industry:

Support for analytics and big data:

Digital health and analytics are soon to be very much linked. Health companies now have so much data on each one of their patients that it’s possible to have predictive models for risk factors with certain procedures, outbreak/pandemic support and more. With support for analytics and big data, it’s possible that risks can be limited in the healthcare industry and that major mistakes can be prevented for the future concerns in healthcare too.

New types of insurance:

The development of health insurance is changing as well, and with more data present and more technology that’s available for tracking health and wellness, insurers are seeing new types of funding and strategic development. Investment in digital health and health insurance for 2018 is set to rise with many traditional insurers now thinking about the process of purchasing and managing health insurance with technology. It’s going to become easier to apply for insurance products and make adjustments for insurance in the future.

Improving success rates for treatments:

Digital health interventions and interventions to monitor everything from patient treatment to sleep patterns makes it possible to treat acute and chronic problems which were previously much more difficult. Digital intervention and just having the ability for doctors to now connect and share information like never before is leading to greater success rates in many types of treatments.

Mobile healthcare:

Mobile technology is maturing and it’s currently one of the best and most well studied digital technologies. This type of tech is going to become so centralized when it comes to providing healthcare support that we will nearly forget what we did without this type of improvement. In 2017 mobile and smartphone interventions were used for diabetes prevention, mental health support and new compliance for medications. Mobile healthcare will continue to have a role within healthcare for the future as well.


Blockchain technology is finding its way into the healthcare ecosystem. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are usually synonymous with each other, but the quality of encryption on Blockchain leads to different layers of encryption and security for data storage systems in the healthcare market as well. As Blockchain starts to make its way into a variety of healthcare tech, it’s very likely that we will continue to see this type of encryption and be enriching mobile health, electronic medical records and more.

If you are an investor or an individual with an idea for Digital healthcare initiatives, investment is at an all-time high developing new applications and working on some of these trends can be a beneficial practice for the future of the industry or your profitability.

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