Top IoT Based Cycling Gadgets

Below are the top IoT based cycling gadgets

Picture: COBI


COBI is the only future friendly system that meets your essential cycling needs: Charging mount (Phone charging and remote control), Biking app, Navigation and weather (3D turn-by-turn voice guidance and weather forecasts), AmbiSense light system (Automatic front- and rear-light with collision avoidance), Safety and security

Picture: Smart Halo


Smart Halo: Smart Bike Accessory Cycling Computer With Light, GPS & Navigation, Anti-Theft Alarm,  Fitness Tracker, Speedometer, Odometer, and Assistant


Picture: H1 HammerHead

3. Hammerhead H1

Hammerhead is a smart tool that effortlessly guides cyclists through the safest and most enjoyable bike routes with intuitive light patterns. Get the information that you need through the corner of your eye and keep your eyes safely on the road.

Picture: ICEdot

4. ICEdot Crash Sensor

The ICEdot Crash Sensor detects life-threatening impacts and sends an emergency message through your smartphone to someone who can get you medical help. When an incident happens, the ICEdot sends a Bluetooth signal to an app on your smartphone. An alarm will sound on the phone, giving you a chance to stop the distress signal from going out if you’re ok. If you don’t stop the app, it sends an SMS text message to your pre-specified emergency contacts with your GPS coordinates.

Picture: Sherlock

5. Sherlock

Sherlock is Tthe invisible GPS, Antitheft tracker for your bike. Sherlock is connected to a mobile app to let you always know where your bicycle is at anytime and help you retrieve it in case of theft


Picture: Zakees

6.  Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

Zackees Gloves make you more visible on the road. You have the ability now to indicate, cars and other cyclists behind you, exactly where you are going.

Picture: See.Sense

7. See.Sense Smart Lights

See.Sense ICON is an intelligent and connected cycle light that uses super-bright twin CREE LED’s to improve your visibility, even in daylight. It reacts to your environment, flashing brighter and faster when you most need to be seen. ICON also connects to your smartphone with a free app, giving you innovative features such as crash and theft alerts and allowing you to easily change the settings.

Picture: Lumos Helmet

8. Lumos Smart Helmet

Lumos Smart Helmet makes cycling safer by using a next generation technology. Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is with Wireless Turn Signal Handlebar Remote and Built-In Motion Sensor – 70 LEDs on Front, Rear and Sides – CPSC and CE Certified Cycling Helmet


Picture: Cat Eye

9. 4iiii Power Meter

A joint venture between CatEye and 4iiii Innovations. The CatEye/4iiii PRECISION power meter helps you train harder and smarter. 100+ hours of battery life. Weighs only 9g.

Picture: Garmin

10. Garmin Varia Vision

The first in-sight cycling display from Garmin, Varia Vision enhances your road awareness by putting the cycling information you want right where you want it — in your line of sight. The lightweight display attaches to either side of sunglasses and relays information directly from your compatible device. Now you won’t lose focus while trying to nail your targets for a workout, find the next turn or stay aware of cars approaching from behind.

Picture: BITLOCK

11. Bitlock Smart Lock

Unlock your bike with your phone without even having to reach your pocket. Simply walk up to your bike and press a button on BitLock to lock/unlock in less than a second.

12. B.Guard

Byte Lab developed a solution for a start-up called B.GUARD, a small device mounted to the rear wheel, to stop bicycles from getting stolen. With B.GUARD your bicycle can be locked and unlocked with an app, and in case of theft attempt, it will activate the alarm on the bike and send a real-time GPS location to your phone.

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